Onkyo TX-SR393 Review

Onkyo TX-SR393

Onkyo has a 40-year history of producing excellent audio equipment, but this once-proud brand may not be around for long. That means this might be one of your last opportunities to pick up an amazing, full-featured AV-receiver before the company goes out of business. Currently, Onkyo remains in a state of insolvency and has failed to secure financing as the brand teeters on the edge of bankruptcy. For all the bad news, we are going to bring you some good news. This article provides an Onkyo TX-SR393 review that explains why we think you should pounce on the chance to grab one of these receivers before they are gone forever. (>>>Find on Amazon)

Onkyo TX-SR393 Review of Specifications:

Onkyo TX-SR393
Amplifier5.2 Channel (155W per channel)
Sound3.2.2 Dolby Atmos
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As soon as you look at the Onkyo receiver, you realize that some of the best features of high-end receivers can be found in this insanely affordable package. We will break it down for you so that you can easily understand the value of this system.

Audio Capabilities

The Onkyo receiver offers a full 5.2-channels of power so you can set up a dynamic surround sound system. At its maximum output, the receiver provides 80 watts on an eight-ohm load and up to 135 watts on a six-ohm load. That means you can get lots of power and volume to drive good-quality speakers without losing notes or adding tons of distortion.

Playback Technology

Some of the features of this receiver just jump out at you. For instance, it features a full suite of Dolby processing technologies including Dolby Virtual Height Actualization. This lets the receiver digitally create a three-dimensional sound stage that has movement in line with the audio input. DTS:X, DTS: Virtual, and Atmos are also supported. These are features rarely seen on receivers in this price point.


  • Feature-packed receiver at a great price
  • Easy setup and fantastic sound, particularly for gamers
  • Inclusion of high-end audio playback features is a welcome surprise


  • Instability in the future for Onkyo means long-term service might not be available
  • Can be somewhat confusing to set up

Video Capabilities

Again, you’ll be surprised to see that not only does this receiver have full 4k Ultra High-Definition passthrough, it’s capable of 60 frames-per-second for smooth, stutter free enjoyment. Coupled with a 4k-compatible television, you’ll enjoy more realistic colors, deeper contrast, and a more vivid experience.

You’ll also have HDR and HDR10, along with LGR and Dolby Visual that further enhance every aspect of the videos, television or video games you like to view.


The TX-SR393 gives you four HDMI inputs for video game consoles, Blu-Ray players, and other media sources. The receiver has one HDMI Arc output for connecting to compatible televisions. Center and surround speaker connections are alligator clamp-type, while the front are screw-type. Three assignable audio inputs use RCA cables for connecting to CD players and other devices. There is also an optical input and an assignable coaxial input.

Wireless Connection

Onkyo TX-SR393 connections

The receiver uses built-in bluetooth to connect wirelessly with your smartphone or tablet. You can stream music directly to the receiver and get amazing sound quality. A built-in digital signal processor helps to correct and improve compressed files for even better sound.

The TX-SR393 is not designed to work with AI like Alexa, Google Assistant, or others. This is perhaps the one technology that receivers costing more have that this one does not. In our opinion, the lack of AI is not a deal breaker.


When we first started checking this receiver out, it quickly became apparent that this is a well-rounded system. It provides some of the most amazing technology with plenty of power and not a lot of clutter. It produces realistic, life-like audio and has the latest in video technology to ensure that you get the results you are looking for at an easy to pay price. Overall, we are impressed with the quality and features of the receiver, but the lack of certainty for the company does raise some questions about long-term service. (>>> Check on Bhphotovideo)