Cambridge Audio AXR100 review

Cambridge Audio AXR100

The perfect foundation for a high-fidelity system is a good-sounding receiver with plenty of power. Many designs spend too much energy on fancy connections or features you won’t use. Cambridge Audio gives you the classic British sound that you need and want without taxing your wallet or your ears. This Cambridge Audio AXR100 review will detail the top features of this two-channel receiver (>>>Find on Amazon).

Cambridge Audio AXR100 review of Specifications:

Cambridge Audio AXR100
Watts per channel100W
Frequency response5Hz - 50kHz
Dimensions (H X W X D)4.3” x 16.9” x 13.4”
Weight17.8 lbs
InputsAnalog (4), Toslink Optical (2), Coaxial, Stereo (3), Phono, FM
OutputsMono RCA, Stereo, Sub, Rec, Speaker
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This is a no-frills design that combines understated good looks with an amazing amount of power. The receiver offers up to 100 watts RMS per channel using an oversized toroidal transformer. A dedicated subwoofer speaker output allows you to power a big bass driver to make your two-channel system really rock.

The AXR100 has a dedicated phono output for hooking up your favorite turntable with a moving magnet cartridge and three additional RCA inputs for connecting accessories. Two Toslink optical ports let you get the best from your television experience and built-in Bluetooth makes wireless streaming easy. A digital coaxial connection is ideal for connecting a CD changer or other device.

Technical Details

Now that we have gone over the ports and connections, let’s get into what really makes this receiver one of the most popular options around; its technical aspects.

British Sound

Cambridge Audio is known for a particular British sound. The highs are softer and a little more reserved while the bass is more full than deep. It’s an ideal combination for clean, realistic sound and highlights the fullness of your favorite music.

Frequency Response

The receiver has a frequency response ranging from a ridiculously low 5 Hz all the way up to 50k Hz. That gives you more than every audio frequency the ear can identify and translates into some of the cleanest sound you’ll hear at any volume.


  • Wonderfully warm sound quality with low distortion
  • Plenty of connections for adding numerous devices
  • Ideal for the average person looking for excellent sound quality


  • Some buyers don’t like the remote control
  • Bluetooth can be finicky

Total Harmonic Distortion

The toroidal transformer allows for the ultimate in low-distortion audio quality. Harmonic distortion measures a low .01% at 1k hz and 80% of the rated power and .15% between 20 Hz and 20k Hz and 80% of rated power. That means even when you are running the most demanding dialogue and music, you’ll hear the sounds clearly and without off sounds.

AM/FM Tuner

The tuner provides you with an excellent and low-distortion signal. You’ll find 30 preset channels that let you dial in your favorite stations and make it easy to switch from one channel to another when the mood calls for it. Distortion ranges from less than .4% to .6% across the frequency range. It’ll even pick up European AM stations.

Real-World Experiences

Cambridge Audio AXR100 connections

Connections and technical specifications can only give you part of the story. Nothing matters more than real-world experiences listening to the Cambridge Audio AXR100. What you find consistently from listener to listener is that this receiver produces a warm, full, and natural sound that is easy to listen to. You will find every type of music, from classical and hymnal music to reggae or rock and get the cleanest sound possible.

As a two-channel system, this is not the right product for someone looking to develop a surround sound, multi-channel home theater system. What it does best is provide the ideal sound quality and power for tower speakers in a moderate space and it is ideal for most average listeners interested in hi-fi sound.

With the ability to add a powered subwoofer, you’ll find that the AXR100 provides an ideal level of sound and the right connections for the perfect casual TV room, man cave, or other area where you want high-quality audio.


The Cambridge Audio AXR100 offers an ideal blend of power and performance for the ideal listening environment. It offers the perfect selection of ports to connect your favorite tower speakers, a powered subwoofer, your television, and even a turntable to get the most entertainment possible. (>>> Check on Amazon)