Denon AVR-X4700H Review

Denon AVR-X4700H

A high-quality A/V receiver is at the core of any high-end home theater set-up, and the Denon AVR-X4700H is one of the best you’ll find. With a high processing speed, advanced video processing, and a range of smart features, the AVR-X4700H is an excellent way to make all your content look and sound its best.

If you’re curious just what this receiver can do, this Denon AVR-X4700H review is here to answer all your questions. Let’s break down its features and capabilities so you can decide if it’s the right receiver for your home. (>>> Check current price on Amazon)

Denon AVR-X4700h Review of Specs:

Denon AVR-X4700H
Video8K/60Hz, 4K/120Hz
Amplifier9.2 Channel (125W per channel)
Sound7.2.4 or 9.2.2 Dolby Atmos
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Many A/V receivers are designed for technophiles, and this can make them intimidating for everyday users. That’s not the case with the Denon AVR-X4700H. It comes with an on-screen wizard that walks you through connecting devices and calibrating the speakers, with convenient pre-sets for optimizing the sound quality.

The sheer range of input and output options on the Denon AVR-X4700H help here, too. It has 10 HDMI ports, all of which support 8K pass-through, in addition to a plethora of audio, visual, and network connection ports. No matter what devices you use in your home theater, it’s likely they’ll connect easily to the AVR-X4700H.

Audio Performance

The advanced audio signal processing of the Denon AVR-X4700H includes Dolby Atmos, DTS Virtual:X, and IMAX Enhanced. For home theaters, immersive surround sound is its best feature, and it includes height visualization for overhead speakers. It has a lot of versatility for a range of speaker configurations, with 9 dedicated speaker channels and the option to expand to an 11.2 system. That means it can work with the speakers in any size of room.

It’s just as great for listening to music, too, with direct streaming from services like Pandora and Spotify and support for multi-room music through AirPlay or HEOS. You can even connect a turntable thanks to the phono input. Sound signals from all sources will get the same advanced high-quality processing.

Visual Performance

Denon AVR-X4700H

The Denon AVR-X4700H is 8K ready, and supports 120Hz pass-through for 4K signals. That likely gives it a better potential video signal quality than the TV or projector you’re connecting to it, so you can count on it to provide a beautiful image now and well into the future. Its 3D video support is strong, too, and it supports Dynamic HDR and HDR10+ for top-notch color and contrast.

Gaming Performance

You don’t need to worry about lag with the Denon AVR-X4700H. Its fast video signal processing is just as key for gaming as it is for watching movies. You can even use this receiver for 4K gaming without any added lag, so long as your TV or projector supports it. Added technology like the Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) mean you can use this receiver effectively with any game system.

Smart Features

The Denon AVR-X4700H works with Alexa, Google, and Apple voice control systems, with a robust range of commands on each. You can search for content, change the volume, or start and stop playback completely hands-free.

This receiver is also designed to integrate easily with more advanced home automation set-ups, including systems like Control4 SDPP and With the AVR-X4700H, you can go beyond basic voice commands and build full automation routines. Basically, it’s one device to convert any media set-up into a smart home theater.


  • Superior image signal with 8K pass-through
  • Immersive surround sound support
  • Low lag and high frame rate are ideal for gaming
  • Stream music directly through many popular services
  • Simple installation with on-screen setup wizard
  • Works with a range of voice control and home automation systems
  • Supports multi-room music


The Verdict

The versatility of the Denon AVR-X4700H is really its most impressive aspect. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer, a movie buff, or an audiophile (or a combination of the above), you’ll love the performance of this receiver. (>>> Check current price on

This is a receiver that’s built to last, too. With support for 8K and a range of smart home integration options, it’s designed to serve you well years into the future. The high build quality and reliability earn high marks, as well. All-told, the Denon AVR-X4700H is a smart investment for anyone who wants to take their home theater to the next level.